"Who’s Calling? Reducing the Time to Identify Legitimate vs. Fraudulent Callers" Webcast

Why aren’t contact centers taking advantage of newer identity management approaches used in the digital channels? Contact centers are instead mixing automated and manual processes that are time-consuming for clients and agents and inconsistent with other channels, resulting in:

  • Longer handling times due to lengthy and repetitive customer authentication
  • Higher fraud incidents due to siloed detection systems that do not consider all customer interactions and outside risks
  • Inconsistent user experience between contact center agents, as well as across channels.

In this webinar, we illustrate how Transmit's Identity Platform can be used to:

  • Automate identity-related decision processes to save time while delivering an improved, secure user experience
  • Provide a single view of the customer across channels for contextual call center decisioning
  • Orchestrate multiple 3rd party and native authentication and fraud detection solutions for proactive risk resolution
  • Easily introduce new authentication technologies while consolidating/replacing outdated point solutions