Following our FIDO2 webinar we received numerous questions and requests on FIDO in general. Based on this response and the variety of questions, we decided to expand this first webinar into a series of sessions to cover different topics related to FIDO.

This new webinar will focus on common customer passwordless use cases using consumer FIDO-based technologies to log into customer-facing web and mobile applications.

Topics include:
  • What’s needed to secure customer applications with FIDO
  • Devices and services that support FIDO passwordless authentication
  • Providing secure options for customers that don’t have FIDO-certified devices

We’ll have a demonstration of the top use cases for securing customer-facing applications with FIDO authentication technologies. You’ll get to see passwordless web and mobile application logins using a variety of common end-user FIDO devices such as mobile phones and laptops with biometric support.

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